Workshop: Alla Prima Acrylic Painting on Canvas

For teens and adults of all levels.

Learn to paint with versatile acrylics on canvas

Nest of Prosperity 13

using a limited palette and minimal brush strokes. In this 4-hour workshop, you’ll create three paintings on 8×8-inch canvas panels and stretched canvas using primary and secondary colors plus white. The first of your three images will emerge as you explore the brushes, paint, and technique. The second will emerge as you meditate on the currents of water. And the third will emerge from the location’s landscape, bowl of fruit, or both!

Fine artist Pam Van Londen began painting in acrylic on paper, canvas panels, stretched canvases, and American-made Ampersand Claybord panels when the Daily Painter movement caught on in 2006. Most daily painters use a standard small rectangle or square panel, paper, or stretched canvas with a consistent set of materials and techniques.

Van Londen’s technique is to apply an underpainting, add colors in the order of the color wheel with the goal of using as few brush strokes as possible. Transparent layers of color on the canvas surface result in a watercolor effect. Heavier layers of paint, along with scraping, is used near the end to create a contrast in line and to sign the finished work.

Columbia River Gorge Beacon Rock from Rooster Rock 3
Columbia River Gorge Beacon Rock from Rooster Rock 3

About the artist

Van Londen shows her work locally, regionally, and takes online sales at Etsy, Daily Paintworks, and Fine Art America. She has a degree in Art and Design and teaches technology courses at Oregon State University in Corvallis, Oregon.

Bring the following to the workshop:

  • A sandwich or other easy-to-handle food to eat during the discussion.
  • Waterbottle.
  • Painting clothes: comfortable pants, shirt, and shoes that can get dirty.
  • A positive attitude.

Cost Options

Supplies and easel to borrow for the Alla Prima Workshop.
Supplies and easel to borrow for the Alla Prima Workshop.
  1. If you are a first-time painter, all supplies will be provided for $15.
  2. If you have your own supplies, bring them; two canvas panels and one stretched canvas will be provided for $7.
  3. If you have some experience and are ready to paint on your own, then I recommend purchasing the kit for $98.*

Workshop instruction is $40 each.

Total Costs

Supplies and workshop cost is $15 + $40 = $55
Canvases and workshop cost is $7 + $40= $47
Kit and workshop cost is $98 + $40 = $138.

Payment can be cash, check, PayPal, or credit/debit card.

Supplies and easel to purchase for the Alla Prima Workshop.
Purchase your own kit to use at the workshop and take home.

* Acrylic Painting Kit $98.

Golden acrylic paint bottles, an assortment of 10 synthetic brushes, two 8×10-inch canvas panels, two 8×10-inch stretched canvases, table-top wood easel 30x20x19-inch, air-tight plastic hand-held palette, gloves, cleaning supplies, notebook, and tote bag.

This kit must be ordered at least 2 weeks prior to the workshop.

Sedona 3.2 Oak Creek 12x12-inch canvas @ Pam Van Londen 2014
Sedona 3.2 Oak Creek


Last minute cancellations will receive a refund for the workshop cost only. Supplies are not refunded because they must be purchased ahead of time.

Arrive at the workshop ready to focus yet have fun! The goal of the workshop is to explore and enjoy the materials, techniques, elements, and principles, not to create masterpieces. Try to arrive with expectations for fun and learning but remain flexible in your thinking. Your work will not be judged but we will talk about what works in an effort to practice the language of art (elements and principles). Negatively criticizing your work or the work of others will not be tolerated. Excessive talking or other disruptions will result in expulsion.

Gloves will be provided for anyone concerned about skin contact with paint. Ventilation won’t be needed in small group workshops. For workshops with 5 or more participants, a sufficient location will be chosen. If a new location is needed, watch for email messages related to a change in location.