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Why Add a Web Site to your Marketing Plans?

Whether you are marketing a business or delivering educational information, incorporating use of the Internet into your plans will allow you to reach a huge world wide audience.

In May of 2001, Internet.com reported that more than 68.5 million households have Internet access [that’s about 100 million total users]. People use the Internet to learn, purchase, express themselves, and sell products and services.

Using up-to-date design techniques based on market research, Be Proactive! can help you tap into this vast potential customer base.

Call us today to discuss how Be Proactive! can give you a viable web presence that will boost your bottom line!

Site Development Services


If you need advice to improve the look and feel of your current web site, or to start from scratch on planning and building a site, call Be Proactive! for an appointment. You’ll meet with a good listener who will ask the right questions and summarize recommendations that will allow you to tap into the Web marketplace.

Art Direction

An art director guides decisions on the overall look and feel of the elements outlined in your marketing plan, and prepares templates for production staff to use. A style guide provides guidance for future iterations, allowing updates to be produced quickly and accurately. If it will take more than one person to design and produce your web site, you may need the services of an art director.


Designing graphics for the Web is a unique challenge, and you can trust Be Proactive! to give you professional graphics that download quickly. We’ve recently designed visually intriguing sites for Oregon State University Extension Service, Town & Country Realty, The Pennsylvania State University Cooperative Extension, Mid-Valley Adoptive Families, and da Vinci Days, Henderer Construction, and Bridget’s Designs.


If your staff is up to their elbows and could use assistance getting web pages designed, updated, or proofread, write me.

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