Graphic Design

Strengthen your Marketing Message

Effective design strengthens your marketing message, enhancing communication with potential customers. It can also save you time and money by reducing the cost of labor, materials, and production. Be Proactive! can help you get the most out of your design budget by integrating the message and the medium.

Graphic Design Services include


If you need advice to improve the look and feel of your marketing, sales, recruitment, and internal documents, call for an appointment. You’ll meet with a good listener who will ask the right questions and summarize recommendations for your staff.

Art Direction

An art director guides decisions on the overall look and feel of the elements outlined in your Proactive Plan, and prepares templates for production staff to use. A style guide provides guidance for future iterations, allowing updates to be produced quickly and accurately. If it will take more than one person to design and produce your marketing materials, you may need the services of an art director.


You can trust the professional design experience Pam Van Londen and her staff. In the past 20 years, Pam Van Londen has designed successful, high-quality, low-cost solutions for Microsoft Corporation, The Computer Store, Rogue Wave Software, Terra Pacific Writing Corporation, Corvallis Systems Sales, PEAK Internet Service Provider, Tripod Data Systems, Oregon State University, and others.


If your staff is up to their elbows and could use assistance getting jobs designed, proofread, updated, output, and printed, call us. will deliver your jobs on time.

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