Red Bluff Gallery Exhibition May 2015

New paintings will be shown at the Red Bluff California Gallery in May 2015.  Each painting is oil on 8×8-inch archival cradled Claybord panel which is ready to hang; no frame needed. Paintings can be purchased individually or in sets shown below. The price per each is $70 plus shipping. Contact the Gallery for purchases.

Lincoln Beach plein air paintings

I painted on the beach today and it was refreshing! Here are 8×8 daily paintings from Lincoln Beach. Number 3 was painted plein air and the others were painted at my campsite.

Preparing for Fall Festival

 $300 © Pam Van Londen 2013 Santiam River 3.4 oil on gallery-edged canvas on 20 x 16 x 1 canvas, framed in dark brown wood. I am painting new and repainting some old works to prepare for the Corvallis Fall Festival, slated for Sept 28 and 29, 2013. I’ll be in booth 169 in the […]

Willamette River 31

$64 purchase with credit card or PayPal © 2013 Pam Van Londen. Willamette River 31. 8x10x1.5-inch oil on gallery-edged archival Claybord. No frame needed My favorite summer past-time is sitting next to a river to paint. While waiting for a kid practicing soccer at the field next to the river, it is easy for me […]

Park Trees 14

$27 Purchase via Credit Card or PayPal. © 2013 Pam Van Londen. Park Trees 14. Watercolor on 12x9x.25 on archival paper. Comes unframed My granddaughter and I sat under a willow tree one hot day to paint. Then her little friend came by to paint as well. It was lovely and inspiring to paint with […]

Willamette River 1.2 Revision

$72. Purchase online via Credit Card at PayPal. © Pam Van Londen 2013. Willamette River 1.2. Acrylic on 12x12x.5 gallery-edged archival canvas. My first Willamette River painting was not so popular…the colors were subtle and perhaps dull. I’ve brightened them up and added some splash! This brighter palette is how the river looks today on […]

Mary’s Peak 9

$72 ~ Purchase via PayPal or credit card. © 2013 Pam Van Londen. Mary’s Peak 9. Acrylic on 12×12-inch Gallery-Edged Canvas I’ve been staring at this one on the wall for months trying to decide what to do. I added a bit of orange to the foreground and now I’m happy with it. The iridescent […]

Willamette River 31, Clackamette Park again

$60. © Pam Van Londen 2013. Willamette River 31, acrylic on 8×8-inch panel, unframed, plein air. Purchase via PayPal with a credit card Here’s another plein air painting from Clackamette Park. I’m adding this one and the previous painting to the Daily Paintworks “Different Ways” challenge.

Willamette River 30, from Clackamette Park

$64. © Pam Van Londen 2013. Willamette River 30, acrylic on 8×8-inch panel, unframed, plein air. Purchase via PayPal with a credit card I waited out the rain to get painting, only to get wet anyway! The painting may have a bit of rain on it, too. Clackamette park is a favorite spot in the […]

Oregon Dunes 5 and 6

$50 Purchase via PayPal.  © Oregon Dunes 6. Pam Van Londen 2013. Oil on 9×12-inch canvas panel. Unframed. Here’s another two from a new series of Oregon Dune paintings in oil. $50 Purchase via PayPal.  © Oregon Dunes 5. Pam Van Londen 2013. Oil on 9×12-inch canvas panel. Unframed.

Coastal Drama Cannon Beach

 SOLD Coastal Drama Cannon Beach. © Pam Van Londen 2013. Oil on 8×8-inch Claybord panel. Unframed. This new painting is a remake of an older painting, which I could not stand to look at anymore. This version has more drama and is much more fun to look at. The sand from the original plein air […]

Coastal Drama 3

Purchase with PayPal. $60. Coastal Drama 3. © Pam Van Londen 2013. Oil on 8×8-inch Claybord. A few years ago I did some plein air painting at Cannon Beach. Most of those panels sold. One did not, so I’ve revised it…and I like it so much better. Here is the revision. The paint ought to […]

Oregon Dunes 4

SOLD © Pam Van Londen 2013. Oil on 9×12 canvas panel. Unframed. The Oregon Coast has several areas where birds thrive on sand dunes (until we disturb them with our toys). Walking up to the top of the dunes lets you see far up and down the scenic coastline.

Valley Storm 7

SOLD © Pam Van Londen 2013. Oil on 8×8-inch canvas panel. Oregon’s Willamette Valley provides spectacular skies full of clouds that cast rich shadows on the valley floor. This original oil painting should be ready to ship by May 5, 2013.

Canyon Dreams 32

$60 Purchase via Pay Pal. Canyon Dreams 32. Oil on 8×8-inch canvas panel; unframed. © Pam Van Londen 2013. This original oil painting is on an 8×8-inch canvas panel. It comes framed in black wood. It refers to some canyon in an unknown location plus I made some of it up. It should be dry […]

Sarris Garden 2 Sold

SOLD © Pam Van Londen 2010, Greg Sarris’ Garden 2, 8×8 oil on claybord This coming summer I must travel to high desert country again….I just love the flora. This painting from Greg Sarris’ garden outside Sonoma, CA was painted on a road trip back in 2011. It sold via Etsy yesterday.

Valley Storm 6

$64 © Pam Van Londen 2012, Valley Storm 6, 8×8 oil on claybord In Oregon, due to our varying minute-to-minute weather changes, our vistas are spectacular most of the time. Here is a scene from near the Philomath area off highway 34.

Park Trees 13

$50 © Pam Van Londen 2010, Park Trees 13, 8×8 oil on claybord Can you feel the fresh morning dew on your face and catch the scent of the rain forest? These are my stomping grounds…the lush forests of Oregon. Ferns and tall thick trees nurture!

Mary’s Peak Revision

SOLD © Pam Van Londen 2010, Mary’s Peak 1.2, 24×36 Acrylic on canvas In honor of Fall Festival, I’ve revised a larger painting that has been hiding in various places for 4 years. I’ve added more vibrant colors, including iridescent ivory, cream, and copper. The composition is almost the same.

Frazier Wetland

 SOLD © Pam Van Londen 2010, Frazier Wetland 2, 8×8 Oil on Clayboard Last weekend my daughter and I were enjoying the wetlands to paint and do homework. It was peaceful, but hard to paint due to having 2 dogs who want to greet all the passing dogs. It was a very green day but of […]

Willamette River Plein Air

$50 © Pam Van Londen 2010, Willamette River 29 Oil on 8×8-inch archival Claybord panel, unframed. Purchase frame separately. $35 © Pam Van Londen 2010, Willamette River 30, 7×5 oil on claybord I enjoyed painting downtown on the waterfront today. Everyone was in a jolly mood while they biked/walked by with their dogs and kids. […]