Abstract landscape painting of Columbia Gorge, Oregon

Beacon Rock sites in the middle of the Columbia River
Beacon Rock sits in the middle of the Columbia River © 2010 Pam Van Londen. Purchase at Etsy.

This large abstract landscape painting of Oregon and Washington’s famed Columbia Gorge includes a view of Beacon Rock as seen from Roster Rock State Park. It is based on a plein air oil painting completed in 2007.

Columbia River: Beacon Rock from Rooster Rock. Sold.
Columbia River: Beacon Rock from Rooster Rock. Sold.

The technique uses a red-orange underpainting with loose brushstrokes on top. In some areas, iridescent pearl paint is added to remind viewers of the shiny reflections on the water and just-rained-on foliage, sand, and rocks and the glare of the sun as you drive past this unique vista.

The large 4-foot square format is suitable for hanging on a tall and wide wall where the viewing distance is 10 feet or more. Consider it for your dining room, entry hallway, or office foyer.

The surface is acrylic paint that wraps around the edges. The sturdy support is ready to hang with wire and two hooks. The price is $800 and includes shipping to anywhere inside of Oregon. Shipping to other states or countries is at the buyer’s discretion. Contact me to rent this painting for $100 per month.

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