Painting Sets for Bye Bye Birdie

I’ve been painting sets for Bye Bye Birdie to be performed next week. My daughter is playing Ursula. Order tickets online. Stay tuned for a photo of the McAffy’s kitchen. I painted the wallpaper and scene outside the window.

Ambitious 6-panel polyptych of Santiam River

$1600 © Pam Van Londen 2009, Santiam River Fish Habitat 6-panel polyptych, 16x20x.7 on acrylic on canvas If you have a blank conference room wall at least 10 feet wide that needs imagery to excite creativity, consider a mural; but a mural you can take with you later. This 6-panel on canvas of the Santiam […]

Uniterian-Universalist Religious Exploration Mural completed

“The mural looks SO GOOD! and the continuation along the walls–did you get a BEFORE picture with the mailboxes there? I love the bit down by the Nursery also. There is so much color in the whole department–it is really gratifying to see the changes, and you have been a big part of that. Thanks […]

Projector options for muralists and artists

A recent inquiry about projectors prompted me to make recommendations for other artists and muralists. I recommend you avoid the Artograph Tracer Projector ($62) as it is overpriced and has never provided me a clear image in a semi dark room beyond 2 feet. It is supposed to project a 5×5 image up to 14 […]

Memorial Mural proposal

Last month I met with a committee of a large church in McMinnville to discuss options for a memorial mural for their upcoming playroom. The size of the wall to be is roughly 1900 square feet. The concept is to use landscape scenes from the Northewest but with children playing here and there. Perhaps the […]

Deeper into the Jungle

Levien residence, Corvallis, Oregon. Scroll down to view Day 1 to 16, or jump to the end and scroll up. Day 1 The entire design is sketched in pencil on all four walls. These lines will be obscured and drawn again as the paint covers. Short and tall plants and trees will be layered in […]

Along the Path at Tryon Park

My first mural was painted at the home of Cindy Miller in Corvallis, Oregon during a peaceful snowstorm over Winter break. The 14-foot wall was white reflected too much sunlight in the large room, so I provided a cooler atmosphere by painting this old growth forest scene from a photo taken while we were walking […]