Tow Truck Technology

Nested hitchGear nobs
Towing a 31-foot motorhome takes skill and heavy-duty equipment, which Above All towing from Mariposa has. They are the only tow company that Coach Net will allow to tow RVs out of Yosemite. The roads are windy and steep, with several overhanging bolders on Hwy 140.

Wireless remote lights
I learned a bit about towing rigs while watching my rig get hooked up for a 90-mile ride down the mountain. The tow truck has a hydrolic extension (the blue thing in the picture at the right) that is nested; two inside of one to make three sections. The wheels of the motorhome are secured onto an additional extention that forms a rectangle for the wheels to sit in. At least 2 sets of heavy straps are wrapped around the wheels and hooked to the extention. Duck tape adds a bit more protection where they are clamped.

Gears on the side of the tow raise and lower the RV to the heights needed to strap wheels and remove the drive shaft. The backup, break, and turn lights are operated by remote control via a strap-on set of lights. Cool–wireless goes tow. The driver has 10 gears and at least two sets of breaks to operate during the drive.