It’s the transmission all right!

We’ve been in Fresno for 7 days now. On Tuesday we learned that something inside the transmission in the RV broke loose, making a whole in the case and causing the fluid to leak out.

This leads me to these questions…Am I overtaxing the engine/gears? Does the cruise control overtax the transmission? Is this a factory defect (previous versions of this engine have had problems, according to forums I’ve read)? Or did that wacko guy at Candlestick RV Park shoot a hole in it (did I tell you that story)?

In any event, we have found a much nicer motel that takes pets. Apparenlty there is also wireless, though it refused to work for me. I’m in the office writing now, and checking in with students, hooked up via ethernet. And apparently they turn the heat on the hot tub at 5pm. I’m hoping they really will turn it up today. We expect to be here until Wednesday.

OK Back to work…