“The moment required her and she rose.”

~ Barbara Tuchman

A Distant Mirror Regarding

Joan of Arc, 1412-1431

Joan of Arc was born the daughter
of a poor farmer, but her proactive spirit helped her lead an army and
become a national heroine.

For years before Joan was born,
France and England had been fighting over control of the Aquitaine. By
1420, the French had lost hope and Henry VI of England had claimed the
French throne. But Joan wasn’t willing to accept English rule of French
soil. She offered the leadership needed to rally the enthusiasm of her
disenchanted countrymen, earning the dauphin’s faith in her cause and
leading the French army to victory. When Charles VII was finally crowned
in 1429, Joan was by his side in a place of honor.

Joan of Arc had a vision, a plan,
and a determined spirit that kept her going in the face of adversity.
Her strength of character and unshakable resolve make us remember her
today as an icon of proactivity.

Giving back to the community

Be Proactive! provides services to the following organzations.

Peace Choir
People of all ages and abilities singing participatory music that
uplifts, inspires, and deepens our connection with one another to promote
peace, harmony and cultural diversity by modeling it in our lives and
in our singing.
Waldorf School
Their intention is to educate independent thinking people who meet
life with courage and respond with initiative and creativity to the
needs of the world and their fellow human beings.
da Vinci Days
Drawing inspiration from the genius of Leonardo da Vinci, this annual
festical fosters and celebrates creativity, innovation, and knowledge
of art, science and technology.
KidSpirit Youth
Programs tailored to meet the needs of children and youth of all abilities
through instruction and skill building, increasing confidence and self-esteem,
and developing personal talents while creating friendships.
Music and dance is the universal language that often unites friends
who gather in communities around the world. As we join hands in a circle,
voices ring out in song, “Let There Be Peace on Earth,” vocalizing
the mission of this “people to people” ambassador organization.
Adoptive Families
MVAF provides support and family activities for adoptive families
in the Willamette Valley. Our activities include potlucks, displays
at the library, panel discussions, a newsletter, Celebrate Black Hair
events, and playgroups.

Please call or write to let
us know how we can help make your work successful.
Support the Rainbow Dance Theatre by emailing Artistic Director Valerie Bergman at valnoa@yahoo.com.