Celebrating 30 years of Children’s Choir!

Heart of the Valley Children's Choir 30th Anniversary   Singing from the Heart

Heart of the Valley Children’s Choir will be celebrating their 30-year anniversary with a Choir Festival. I’ve prepared their anniversary logo and theme for the June event.

Caracolores launches this week!

Caracolores awakening out inner and inter-connectionsLong-time client and OSU emeritis faculty, Ann C. Schauber, has launched Caracolores, along with a cohort of collaborators, Alan Kirk, Rebecca Kirk, Chiquita Tillman McAllister, Doris Cancel-Tirado, Ken Grimes. Their aim is to awaken individual, relationship, and group inner and interconnections through cultural facilitation and training.

The site includes video and audiocasts, interactive diagrams, and poetry by Ellen Summerfield. The custom design includes art by Rebecca Kirk. It is built using the WordPress content management system and several open source plugins.

Oregon Berries site goes live

Oregon Raspberry and Blackberry Commission's Oregon Berries web siteOregon Raspberry & Blackberry Commission had me revise their site platform and design this year and we’ve launched it this month.

The site is built using Worpdpress content management system, secure forms plugins, special search and display plugins, embedded media and calendar, and hundreds of recipes and research reports.

Oregon Berry Festival

Eat your Oregon Berries ~ Oregon Berry Festival

I’ve been working with the Oregon Raspberry and Blackberry Commission and Food First Marketing to promote their upcoming Oregon Berry Festival event scheduled for July 22 & 23, 2011 at the Ecotrust Center in NW Portland, Oregon.

Eat your Oregon Berries ~ Oregon Berry Festival

Go to the site and find out what’s happening all month long. Be sure to click the Google +1 and Facebook Like buttons.

I love this event already! Nice start with that cute web site. Kudos to whoever put it together. It shouts “fun!”

Sunset and Parade Magazines have highlighted the event so my handiwork is getting lots of coverage.

Jwalan Muktikã School web site

Jwalan Muktika School for Illumination web site redesign
For the past few weeks, I’ve been concentrating on revising a web site for Jwalan Muktikã School in Whitefish, MT. The results are stunning.

We used motifs from the previous printed brochures so have a deep and rich scheme.

This WordPress-driven site uses simple shopping cart plugins, collapsible/expandable menus, Google analytics, event registration, HTML 5, and CSS 3 (style).

I would like to announce…. we have our first cookbook order from our new lovely website! I knew that would make you all smile :) From the client

Corvallis Pilates now online

Corvallis Pilates ~ Full mind/body fitness

This week I am finishing up design of the Corvallis Pilates web site for owner, Allison McPherson. Learn about her teaching philospphy and the work of Joseph Pilates.

Her new site allows her to update photos and text easily, any time day or night, without having to pay a maintenance fee.

Nordyke Family launches River Tours

Nordykes NW Guide Service Willamette River Tours web site designed by Pam Van Londen
Nordyke's NW Guide Service Willamette River Tours web site designed by Pam Van Londen

The Nordyke Family of Corvallis has launched Nordyke’s NW Guide Services.

Captain John Nordyke will take you one of of 3 tours of the Willamette River this summer in his North River jet boat.

They launched their new endeavor with the help of a web site, designed by Pam Van Londen, which shows the handling of their boat and descriptions of the tours.

Book your trip today.

Evans Consulting Services goes online

Evans-LLC  new web site launches Evans Consulting Services has launched their business this month to provide land development planning services, long range policy development, and universal design and assessment.

Their web site portrays the quality of work provided by C. Jeffery Evans, the primary consultant. His numerous legal writings will be hosted on the site to aid his clients.

This three-column design provides easy searching and accessible menus.

RN on Call opens Gluten Intolerance web site

GlutenFreeRN.comRN On Call‘s Nadine Grzeskowiak is going national with her expertise about Celiac Disease and Gluten Intolerence. i-Dev.us helped her launch her new venture with a logo design and web site.

Patients and others seeking more information and support can participate in discussions about gluten intolerance, upload gluten-free recipes, and read about recommendations.

Grzeskowiak will be blogging on her new web site regularly to build awareness of the Celiac and gluten conditions.

Women Role Models Project

Women Role Models web siteWhen I where my teaching hat for OSU’s Women Studies and Computer Science departments, I get to rub virtual elbows with many great women from our past and present.

So that girls and women from all walks of life around the globe will be inspired to excel at any dream, a handful of interns and I have launched a project which seeks to host video interviews of women succeeding in the arts and sciences.

The site design was created as a demonstration for the CS 295 Web Authoring course the movies are either found at other sites or created by the staff of interns.

Contributions to the project can be made at the WomenRoleModels.org site.

A web site fit for a prestigious choir

Heart of the Valley Children's Choir gets a new web siteHeart of the Valley Children’s Choir has a new web site designed by i-Dev.us and powered by WordPress.

Now, staff and volunteers will be able to make timely updates and even print the newsletter from the web site, reducing the number of times data gets typed, distributed, formatted, and edited.

The new web site easily accommodates galleries, schedules, and forms. The choir will be adding Alumni stories to help singers see how successful former singers become.

A history of the choir, now in it’s 24th year, is important to the community and choir families, so past concerts, retreats, and tours will be added soon.

Corvallis Football Acadamy gets a new site

Corvallis Football Academy's new web site designCorvallis Football Academy is a young soccer club that needed an online presence to help it grow. In 2006, i-Dev.us designed a site for them and has just recently revised the design and menu system to accommodate a growing audience.

The content management system (CMS) we’re using is WordPress, which is a simple to learn blogging system that allows multiple users to edit news, pages, and add links, images, and video. It’s an Open Source product that can be downloaded for free and modified to meet your design needs. The CMS allows the designer/developer to set up the site structure and user interface and the client to control their own text; updating it without the need to keep paying a web author. Please call if you are interested in using a CMS for your web site.

Piano Dreams the Movie launches in Nov

Piano Dreams the Movie web sitePiano Dreams the Movie, a locally-produced movie, launches this November in Corvallis. A community of goofy folks have written and starred in this movie about playing music.

Their new web site, designed by i-Dev.us, tells about the plot, cast, crew, and come November, will allow you to purchase a copy from FilmBaby.com.

Take a look at PianoDreamsMovie.com.

i-Paint.us gets a face list

i-Dev.us Owner, Pam Van Londen is also an artist. Her sister-site, i-Paint.us has just been redesigned with a new look, shopping cart for purchasing landscape paintings, and links to books and art supplies to purchase.

The site uses WordPress, an open source content management system for blogging, displaying galleries, and discussions. The body of her recent work is listed in the blog with dates and specifications, making it easy to search for specific kinds of paintings.

Click the RSS/bookmarking icon on her right menu bar to keep abreast of her latest work.

Suz Doyle gets new site

Suz Doyle Music ~ Performer, Composer, and Teacher Composer, Performer, and Teacher, Suz Doyle, and I have revamped her web site.

Her site now includes a content management system which allows her to add functions and content very quickly. She’s also added much more content, including links to purchase her CDs, movies, individual songs, and ringtones.

Corvallis Art Guild goes live

Corvallis Art Guild has a new web site
Corvallis Art Guild for 2-dimensional artists in Linn and Benton counties, Oregon, has been in existence since the 1960’s and besides their far-reaching community programs, now has a world-wide presence to support artists needs.

With assistance from i-Dev.us, the guild can provide information to prospective members, existing and exhibiting members, and provide online tools for coordinating programs.

Members are beginning to register and use the web site now and one says, “Thanks
for this wonderful web page. It is a work of art.”

And many months later, we have over 30 members using the site. One artist says, “Just wanted to let you know that I think the CAG website looks beautiful: and not only that, but navigating the site is clear and easy. Further, the information is presented in a very reader friendly format.”

Berry & Grape Information Network gets a new look

Berry & Grape Information Network site Several years ago, i-Dev.us designed the Berry & Grape Information Network web site or OSU Extension.

This year, the site was redesigned and launched using a content managment system to make it easier for OSU Experiment Station staff to make updates and add articles.

The new site is fun to look at, easy to navigate, provides a list of upcoming events, and includes the much needed online calculators for pesticide use.

In addition, search by keyword and categories was implemented to facilitate filtering through the many important articles needed to grow healthy crops.

Hise Studio adds a web site

Hise Studio and Photo Finishing in Corvallis, OregonCorvallis, Oregon’s Hise Studio and Photo Finishing has added a web site using their new domain which supplements their online proofing and purchasing web site.

The slick tabs, embedded Google map, and slide shows help customers see lots of work for various groups. Photography tips are fed into the right column.

Students of the CS 195 Web Authoring course at OSU helped design the site using WordPress, an easy-to-use content management system.

Harvest Music Festival 2007

Harvest Music Festival web siteThe third annual Harvest Music Festival is gearing up to benefit Old Mill Center for Children and Families and the OSU/Corvallis Symphony. Pam Van Londen will again create the art, brochure, poster, web design, and printing advertising. OSU’s Music Publicist has this to say about our services (Thank you, Erin!):

“Your work for the Harvest Music Festival over these past years has been glorious! Your paintings have given each year’s festival it’s own unique identity which has provided us with the springboard for all of the unique décor and publicity materials for the event. I appreciate how well you understand our mission and our vision. Your painted interpretations of the setting have just been phenomenal! I’m especially excited about this year’s painting. You are so talented and always a delight to work with. I truly thank you for your talent and generosity.”

Hands of Gold opens second location

Hands of Gold massage opens a new location in Salem, OregonBe Proactive! helped launch Hands of Gold Extraordinary Therapy in Lake Oswego, Oregon in 2002 and now, in 2007, they open their second location in Salem, Oregon. Here’s what Hands of Gold and a client say about Be Proactive! / i-Dev.us web development services:

“I would like to convey another huge compliment that I received on your behalf from a client today. She virtually gushed about how great the website you designed is! She is an advertising/marketing manager for Hewlett Packard, so she assures me she knows what’s good; and she says your work is really, really good!! The website was a major factor in bringing her in as a client when she moved here from Chicago a few years ago.”

Johanna Sings her way to stardom

Johanna Beekman sings 'If I Could fly' CD artwork Longtime acquaintance, Johanna Beekman, has produced her second music CD and made a name for herself on iTunes.

I was fortunate enough to design and help produce her CD packaging this time around and attend her concert at the UUFC in Corvallis last month.

Keep an eye on Johanna; she’ll be quite famous one of these days.

Harvest Music Festival slated for Sept 10

Harvest Music Festival, Corvallis, Oregon

For the past two years, i-Dev.us has sponsored the design and production of the Harvest Music Festival web site, poster, invitation, and advertising, in addition to adding in art created by founder, Pam Van Londen.

Please join the sponsors of this benefit event in enjoying an elaborate evening of food, wine and beer, music, and strolls through Greengable Gardens.

i-Dev.us is a division of Be Proactive!

Print and online marketing created by i-Dev.us (Be Proactive!) over the past decade. Be Proactive! is back in full force, providing marketing consulting, graphic design, and web site development services to small and medium businesses around the USA.

We’ve revised our business model somewhat, splitting the illustration and art services into i-Paint.us and the marketing consulting, graphic design, and web site development services into i-Dev.us.

For consultation, please contact Pam Van Londen at 541-760-1449.

Dev stands for Develop, as in we develop marketing plans, advertising/ print media campaigns, and web sites to improve your online presence.


“The moment required her and she rose.”

~ Barbara Tuchman

A Distant Mirror Regarding

Joan of Arc, 1412-1431

Joan of Arc was born the daughter
of a poor farmer, but her proactive spirit helped her lead an army and
become a national heroine.

For years before Joan was born,
France and England had been fighting over control of the Aquitaine. By
1420, the French had lost hope and Henry VI of England had claimed the
French throne. But Joan wasn’t willing to accept English rule of French
soil. She offered the leadership needed to rally the enthusiasm of her
disenchanted countrymen, earning the dauphin’s faith in her cause and
leading the French army to victory. When Charles VII was finally crowned
in 1429, Joan was by his side in a place of honor.

Joan of Arc had a vision, a plan,
and a determined spirit that kept her going in the face of adversity.
Her strength of character and unshakable resolve make us remember her
today as an icon of proactivity.

Giving back to the community

Be Proactive! provides services to the following organzations.

Peace Choir
People of all ages and abilities singing participatory music that
uplifts, inspires, and deepens our connection with one another to promote
peace, harmony and cultural diversity by modeling it in our lives and
in our singing.
Waldorf School
Their intention is to educate independent thinking people who meet
life with courage and respond with initiative and creativity to the
needs of the world and their fellow human beings.
da Vinci Days
Drawing inspiration from the genius of Leonardo da Vinci, this annual
festical fosters and celebrates creativity, innovation, and knowledge
of art, science and technology.
KidSpirit Youth
Programs tailored to meet the needs of children and youth of all abilities
through instruction and skill building, increasing confidence and self-esteem,
and developing personal talents while creating friendships.
Music and dance is the universal language that often unites friends
who gather in communities around the world. As we join hands in a circle,
voices ring out in song, “Let There Be Peace on Earth,” vocalizing
the mission of this “people to people” ambassador organization.
Adoptive Families
MVAF provides support and family activities for adoptive families
in the Willamette Valley. Our activities include potlucks, displays
at the library, panel discussions, a newsletter, Celebrate Black Hair
events, and playgroups.

Please call or write to let
us know how we can help make your work successful.
Support the Rainbow Dance Theatre by emailing Artistic Director Valerie Bergman at valnoa@yahoo.com.