Embedding Hyperlinks in Documents

Word processing applications allow writers to add hyperlinks to sources. Hyperlinks are sometimes automatically created when the writer pastes a web address/URL into the document. While long web addresses may be helpful to some they are generally hard to read and longer than the width of the page. To alleviate these problems, writers embed the […]

Introduction to Web Authoring

What does it mean to author a web site? The answer is at the same time simple and complex. These jobs can be done by one author or many specialists: Marking up text with a current version of HTML. Designing with cascading style sheets (CSS). Designing with images. Programming efficiencies with scripts and databases. Writing […]

Setting up Password Gorilla

To help you generate strong passwords for new software or online accounts, consider a tool like Password Gorilla. It is free and simple to use. Consider putting the software on a USB drive so you can take it with you to different computers. Download and install (one time set up) Download the version you need […]

Basic computer skills needed to survive in the online world

Learning new skills can be frustrating for some. Sometimes this frustration is a direct result of poor teaching, poor listening/watching skills, lack of experience with pre-skills, or other distractions. And sometimes, the frustration is normal! Learning is not something that is easily acquired the first time it is heard or seen. A learner must experience […]

Dreamweaver Preferences

Launch Dreamweaver Choose Edit->Preferences General Accessibility, choose Show Attibutes When Inserting: check all boxes Code Format, choose Unix Line break type lowercase quote attributes use DIV tag Invisible Elements, choose Line breaks Image Maps JavaScripts New Document, choose HTML .Make document XHTML compliant Validator, choose XHTML 1.0 transitional

Clean up the web server ~ ONID at OSU

If you’ve been storing files, experimenting, and building web sites for fun on your OSU ONID web server, it’s probably time to clean up the space—the public_html directory as well as other areas. Cleanup is important before beginning a new web project, as you won’t want any old files confusing you or confusing the dynamic […]

Teach to learn

Requiring students to share what they have learned helps them more fully understand and retain the new knowledge. Dr. Gary Phillips of the National School Improvement Project makes this claim: People retain learned material at the following levels: 10% of what we hear 15% of what we see 30% of what we see and hear 80% […]

Review of necessary skills

Readings HTML for the World Wide Web, 5th Ed. Pages 13 to 82. For review. Differences Between XHTML and HTML W3Schools; excellent tutorials, references, examples, quizzes, and exam certification. Web Quality Assurance Tutorial W3Schools. Necessary Skills This course will continue to open up the possibilites available to you inside the Web. To be successful in […]

Course Logistics

By following these guidelines, you’ll succeed in this course: Check Bb frequently for announcements and solutions. Ask technical questions and provide alternative methods in class and the weekly forums so I can answer them for everyone. If you need help getting your code to work: Use Dreamweaver’s Results panel to see what errors it finds. […]

Languages of the Internet

Readings W3 Schools Glossary Comprehensive terms and explanations. These definitions come from a variety of online sources. Click the term to read more about it. HTML Hypertext Markup Language is a formatting language used for documents on the World Wide Web. HTML files are plain text files with formatting Codes that tell browsers such as […]

File Transfers ~ OSU only

Addresses html: http://www.onid.orst.edu shell: shell.onid.oregonstate.edu ftp: ftp.onid.orst.edu FTP using MacOS X from off campus From the Finder menu, select Go->Connect to servers. Type afp://onid-fs.onid.orst.edu/ in the server address field. Type your ONID UserID and Password when prompted. Your name may be in the name field but you’ll want to replace it with your ONID userID. […]

Recommended Reading

Macromedia Dreamweaver Advanced for Windows & Macintosh J. Tarin Towers, Sasha Magee, Abie Hadjitarkhani. Visual QuickPro Guide. Peachpit Press. Photoshop 7 for Windows & Macintosh Elaine Weinmann, Peter Lourekas. Visual Quickstart Guide. Peachpit Press. HTML for the World Wide Web, 5th Ed. With XHTML and CSS. Elizabeth Castro. Visual Quickstart Guide. Peachpit Press. Supplemental web […]