Whoa is me

Dumping the tanks was no fun today. I got water all over the bathroom and runnig down into the living room. I think it’s all dried out now.

None of the valves are labeled so I am still trying to remember what’s what. The design of the water system is, imo, lousy! The pump sounds like a jackhammer, the hose to help flush the toilet is a bit too short, and unless you leave the bathroom to look at the control center, you have no idea if you’ve filled the tank.

When I was all done, I decided to fill the tank. Well, then I realized I’d filled it with “dangerous” water. Hope we don’t get sick. Not sure where the the water filter is on our rig; I see a loose one rolling around in the bathroom cabinet; am I supposed to install it or is it an extra?

I’ve been waiting for the service tech to call back for 2 days now. I’ll have to be more aggressive.