We’re on our way!

Thank you so much for the gifts Cindy, Virginia, Bekki, and Erin! And thank you to the rest of you for supporting our dream! We really enjoyed the bon voyage party; thank you for coming to give hugs!

We left for Portland after the party and a teary goodbye with Martin. Martin, thank you so much for helping out yesterday.

Right now we’re parked at Johnson RV on 82nd and Division. Repairs were to start today, but they’ll now start tomorrow because we can get the carpet ripped out and replaced now rather than later in the month. Then they’ll fix the leak on Thursday.

Apparently there is a Borders bookstore around here, as we have an internet connection with them. So I’ll see how much work I can get done while we sit here. Maya’s reading her world history book, completed two pages of her English book, starting Chapter 1 of her Math book, and will add to her blog later in the day.

We’ll walk to the park soon, as well, then park at Reuel and Elena’s for the night.