Park Trees 4

SOLD © Pam Van Londen 2010, Park Trees 4, 8×8 oil on claybord The OSU campus has many interesting trees to paint from. Everyone morning when I walk to the office, I see all manner of shapes, sizes, and colors to study. You might notice I am building a series of oil paintings that use […]

Fall is here

$50 © Pam Van Londen 2010, Fall Maple Leaves 1, oil on 8×8-inch archival Claybord panel. Unframed. It has cooled down here and is raining again so I could buckle down and paint! Very few leaves have turned bright colors yet but that time is not far off. I can smell it in the air. […]

Willamette River 22

SOLD © Pam Van Londen 2010, Willamette River 22, 8×8 oil on claybord While the kids are practicing soccer, I was practicing painting. We are lucky to have such a great sports park next to our Willamette River. This painting was painted en plain air and goes with these other paintings: Avery Park Trees, Willamette […]

Canyon Dreams 25

SOLD © Pam Van Londen 2010, Canyon Dreams 25, 8×8 oil on claybord One of my favorite scenes while driving includes blooming sage, pinyon trees, dried grasses, dark canyons, distant mountains, and high clouds in the sky. To keep myself awake on long road trips, I’ll pretend I’m painting the scenes. It’s like practicing without […]