Ambitious 6-panel polyptych of Santiam River

© Pam Van Londen 2008 Santiam River 12 Polyptych, acrylic on six 16x20 panels to make 96x20 when attached.
$1600 © Pam Van Londen 2009, Santiam River Fish Habitat 6-panel polyptych, 16x20x.7 on acrylic on canvas
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If you have a blank conference room wall at least 10 feet wide that needs imagery to excite creativity, consider a mural; but a mural you can take with you later.

This 6-panel on canvas of the Santiam River outside Sweet Home, Oregon, is bright and boldly painted. When hung tight together it acts as a mural. When hung separately, possibly framed, it can fill and entire conference room with space between each.

I painted this with acrylic paint this week and expect to finish it up this soon and hang it at Bomb’s Away Cafe in February.

If you’d like to see it in person before then, please call me at 541-760-1449.