Harvest Music Festival 2007

Harvest Music Festival web siteThe third annual Harvest Music Festival is gearing up to benefit Old Mill Center for Children and Families and the OSU/Corvallis Symphony. Pam Van Londen will again create the art, brochure, poster, web design, and printing advertising. OSU’s Music Publicist has this to say about our services (Thank you, Erin!):

“Your work for the Harvest Music Festival over these past years has been glorious! Your paintings have given each year’s festival it’s own unique identity which has provided us with the springboard for all of the unique décor and publicity materials for the event. I appreciate how well you understand our mission and our vision. Your painted interpretations of the setting have just been phenomenal! I’m especially excited about this year’s painting. You are so talented and always a delight to work with. I truly thank you for your talent and generosity.”