Pinball Machine, a poem by Maya Van Londen

Ping, bam, slam, bab, slap!         Ping!

Oh, if you ping one more time I’ll bap your lights out.

You pinball machine, or should I say pingball machine?


I wish, a poem by Maya Van Londen

I wish I could fly right over the ocean, right over my home, and beyond my state.

I wish I could fly, but every morning I wake from my dreams I’m in my same old bed.

Manhattan, poem by Maya Van Londen

I’m going downtown in Manhattan!

Of course, it will be crowded and if I ask for directions, people will say, “No. Too bad, Yah yah. Not my Problem. Go to the Help Desk. Nah, forget it.” (People aren’t very nice sometimes.)

And it will be noisy with all the cars going beep, honk, zip, screeech, vroom, b-b-b-b-b, proom, and all the people going, “No! Go! Leave me! Stay away! I won’t help. Stop!” All of that is too much for a 4th Grader.

Going downtown in Manhattan probably wouldn’t be so bad, but the temptation’s killing me.

Diamante Poem

Water Blue
by Maya Van Londen

cold, warm,
rising, cooling down, warming up,
goes in goes out–
moving around, going in, going out,
sometimes quiet,

Sonnet about Brownie

Brownie turns Martin into butter.By Maya Van Londen


What is brown and white all over?
It’s funny when he stares at me from the door.
Brownie Boy…how he likes to run in clovers.
He likes to tap dance on the floor…sometimes he dances to the door!

When ever we leave he cry’s like a baby.
He has the cutest smile.
Sometimes he funny, but i think he’s crazy.
He run’s so fast he run’s a mile.

He’s sooooo soft.
He is very fuzzy.
I think he would sleep in a loft.
He like’s to cuddle.

He is lot’s of fun.
He like’s to run.

Rosa Parks

We honor Rosa’s braveness and her courage to change unjust laws. We will miss her even though I never met her. She is the mother of the Civil Rights Movement because she refused to be treated with disrespect.

Halloween Thriller Chiller

By Maya Van Londen November 2005

One night I was walking home alone. Suddenlty I heard footsteps behind me. I turned and…Ouch!! i tripped and fell.
Nefertiti tries to take Harry Potter's picture in a dark and dreary hotel room.The footsteps came closer and closer. I could see my breath. I felt dread. Then fingernails as heavy as lead and a cape as black as death touched my shoulder. All it said was, “I come from the dead.”

I felt sweat running down my head. “You; you come from…”
“Sure, you don’t believe me do you? I can tell by your face; I’m deaf.”
“Say, I am good!”
“What do you mean?”
“I meant I’m your brother!”
“Joey, you are good!”
“Thanks. Happy Halloween!”
And my brother and I tread home.

San Diego, CA

I am in San Diego, CA. Ther are lots of bay s and parks and spaces to roam and birds of all kinds. Seems like it’s just me and my mom here. There are lots of sounds like chattery little birds and fish jumpting out of the water catching bugs.
I love it here I really do!
We are at a beach with palm trees. it is really hot here; not like in Corvallis. We are lucky to be here today. We came here on our tandem bike from the RV park.
Mom is making a painting of the bay.

Mystery Weed

We saw lots of these on the beach…What are they?

Mystery sea weed
Thank you to John Brofy, our former neighbor, for answering the mystery question.
This is of the brown algae of the kelp family. What you see on the beach is one of the blades which has broken off of the main plant–the plants grow from attachments on the sea floor and can be up to about 30 feet long. The little bulbs at the bottom of the blades are gas-filled so that the plants float upright in tne water. This species–Macrocystis integrifolia–ranges from British Columbia on the north to well down into California. Sea otters and grey whales and lots of other
critters love to hang around in kelp beds.

More Haiku

Can you find Maya stowing away on the ship?Can you find Maya stowing away on the ship?
By Maya Van Londen

Palm tree in the sun.
It droops when the day is done.
In the morning; fun!


Do you like Haiku?
I love Haiku; do you, too?
Haiku, Haiku, Dude!

Oregon Caves Sonnet

By Maya Van Londen. Sonnets have this rhyming structure abab cdcd efef gg (couplet).
David Thompson was an excellent guide at Oregon Caves!
Oregon Caves art has perfect texture; it captures my taste.
As slippery as it was we still had fun all along.
As we traveled through the cave it was wet so we went a slow pace.
The cave walk made us bend but it made our legs strong!

My favorate animal in the cave is the bat.
The cave gave me lots of kisses.
A river flows through the cave which goes lap lap.
The ranger listens to questions. I like it when people listen.

Do you know that the ground in a cave is called stilagmites?
Do you know that things hanging down from the ceiling is called straws?
Ceilings in a cave have stilactites.
On the outside of the cave there is no stilactite or stilagmite; there is moss.

There is a cool rock in the cave called marble.
We stood over bolders far below.

Harry Potter happens to Maya

Monday is a “school day” but Maya smiles a big one when she says she’ll do her math later. She’d rather work with her rock collection, look for lizards, and read Harry Potter.

Meadow House Thank You Poem

By Maya Van Londen
The Meadow House.
The Meadow House is fun.
The Meadow House is grand.
The Meadow House is beautiful.
The Meadow House has everything, everything you imagined.
The Meadow House, The Meadow house I love. Thank you.
Thank you Meadow House!.
I love the snakes, the river, the paths the grass, the railroad tracks, the 24 acres.
I love the Meadow House, I do, I do, I do!
Thank you.

Rhyming Poems

Daisy was lazy in a maze called amazing.

A moth had a cloth which he shared with a sloth in a bog.

RV Stanzas

Challengers glide across the highways
over hills through rainforests.

Jaycos shimmer in the moonlight
at the beach on a spectacular night.

Senecas shine in the sunset
in San Diego.

Brainstorms for poems

Mom wrote down what I said I saw at the beach to help me figure out what to write a haiku about:

ocean bank
thousands of little rocks
birds fluttering on the ground
clouds spectacular, marshmellows, fluffy pillows, soft bed
seagulls white and gray eating little bugs
Three dragonflys just caught my eye…four, five, six, seven, eight, nine!
A butterfly–no, a praying mantis–no a grasshopper.
Smooth rocks with pink and green dots and this one has a stripe.
Itchy is my pet bug from the bay. He probably swam in from the ocean. I wish he had a friend to play with. I want to get itchy a friend.

Drawing frenzy

Seattle Space Needle drawing by Maya Van LondenHere are my drawings from Seattle.
Space needle with large round balls in front.

We are family poster using eraser technique.
We are family in the RV drawing by Maya Van Londen
Detail of the eraser technique, which I learned about at the Seattle Art Museum’s African American Artists exhibit.
Detail of RV drawing by Maya Van Londen

Seattle Space Needle

Maya dining on pasta at the Space Needle.We went to the Space Needle in Seattle. It’s 51 stories high. We ate lunch in there. The top were the tables are spins. It was cool!


By Maya Van Londen

The ocean sparkles.
Sparkles catch my amazed eyes.
That’s what makes me cry.


Today we went on a long and exhausting trip to Bellevue, Washington. It took about 95,000 hours (not!). Then when we finally got here we got to eat pizza, sit in the hottub and play in the pool. I made some new friends from Canada. They are also homeschooling. But the driving around part was pretty boring! (It rained, so we couldn’t see the mountains and both computers were out of battery). Whenever I step outside it seems to rain, so I should never step outside again; just kidding.


Martin and Maya mixing vinegar, universal indicator, and amonia to see how the pH balance changes.My Brother and Mom and I all went to OMSI. In OMSI there was a ball room which showed aerodynamics. We got to watch The Mistery of the Nile in the iMax theater; it’s a theater surrounding you on the ceiling and the walls in front of you and behind you. It was scary! In the chemistry lab, I got to do experiments like making chemical reactions (vinegar and amonia and a universal indicator, which changed colors) and gel beads. And I learned my lesson to always wear goggles! Because I squished a gel bead and the inside squirted my lens.

Doing schoolwork at Starbucks

I miss everybody at school. Life in the RV is great but I still which I could be back home. Please write back even if you are new at school, please write.

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I’m in Portland, parking the RV at my aunt and uncle’s house. We’re here because the RV is getting repaired.

I just did my homework at Starbucks. I did some math, history, English. It was all pretty fun. Now I’m going to play on my computer.