Artworks Poster Contest

The Obama for America Artworks program is hosting a poster contest around the theme of getting Americans back to work. I’ve spent this sunny day making a poster submission instead of doing chores. It includes 51 of my paintings and the message is about supporting local economies. Sales of many of these daily paintings paid […]

Hurray Corvallis

$64 © Pam Van Londen 2010, Campus Garden 2, 8×8 oil on clayboard I’ve visited all 50 states and find Corvallis to be the best city for many reasons. Joe Rojas-Burke of The Oregonian explains it in a new way, in his recent article: “How Corvallis exceeds New York City: A view from theoretical physics.”

Invention: Computer Pants

A few years ago I wrote about designing a pair of pants with a computer built in. The keyboard could be flexible and thin and be embedded in the pant legs. The display would project holographically in front of the wearer. MIT students have perfected the idea…see the movie:

Manhattan, poem by Maya Van Londen

I’m going downtown in Manhattan! Of course, it will be crowded and if I ask for directions, people will say, “No. Too bad, Yah yah. Not my Problem. Go to the Help Desk. Nah, forget it.” (People aren’t very nice sometimes.) And it will be noisy with all the cars going beep, honk, zip, screeech, […]


Ann Haymond Zwinger crafted Downcanyon in 1995 so she could describe the Colorado River and the canyon. She does it in roughly 300 pages. Her ability to capture the canyon’s essense is far better than mine, so you’ll have to either read the book or go there yourself!

50 states quilt patterns

I’ve been searching and seaching for quilt patterns, either of a USA map, or of a traditional pattern for each state. This site seems to have traditional blocks for all 50: Quilter’s Cache If you find a map of the USA for a full sized quilt, let me know.

Art United, on the road for Gulf Coast relief fund

An artist and a photographer from the Gulf Coast are traveling together by RV around the Americas to paint, spread the word about, and write about life’s mysterious adventures: Cayc Wolff and De Waters. They have modified their RV interior to accomodate workspace for canvas, laptops, and supplies, and removed the standard logos outside […]

Tashi Choling of the Colestin Valley

Today we found a surprise in the hills above The Meadow House…Tashi Choling Mandala Garden and Temple for Vajrayana Buddhism. We wound our way up the railroad tracks to the Mandala Garden. Neither of us has been to a Buddhist temple grounds before. A student was sanding the White Tara stature to prepare for repainting. […]

Recipe for Finally on the Road Stew

Buy some good quality stew beef (otherwise what’s the point) and throw it in a big pan set on medium heat. Slice up and throw in the onion left over from the bon voyage party. Pour in Hilary and Bedo’s wine left over from the bon voyage and poker parties (about 1 cup). Slice up […]