Celebrating 30 years of Children’s Choir!

Heart of the Valley Children's Choir 30th Anniversary   Singing from the Heart

Heart of the Valley Children’s Choir will be celebrating their 30-year anniversary with a Choir Festival. I’ve prepared their anniversary logo and theme for the June event.

Oregon Berry Festival

Eat your Oregon Berries ~ Oregon Berry Festival

I’ve been working with the Oregon Raspberry and Blackberry Commission and Food First Marketing to promote their upcoming Oregon Berry Festival event scheduled for July 22 & 23, 2011 at the Ecotrust Center in NW Portland, Oregon.

Eat your Oregon Berries ~ Oregon Berry Festival

Go to the site and find out what’s happening all month long. Be sure to click the Google +1 and Facebook Like buttons.

I love this event already! Nice start with that cute web site. Kudos to whoever put it together. It shouts “fun!”

Sunset and Parade Magazines have highlighted the event so my handiwork is getting lots of coverage.

Harvest Music Festival Commission

© Pam Van Londen 2009, Harvest Wine and Music, 16x16x1 on acrylic on round canvas

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$500 © Pam Van Londen 2009, Harvest Wine and Music, 16x16x1 on acrylic on round canvas

For the fourth time, I have painted the commissioned art for the promotional materials.

This year’s work is created from a plain air painting done while at the festival in 2007, and from photos.

The wine class is etched with the logo. The flower centerpieces were spectacular so I had to incorporate one. And the musicians are women playing a clarinet and cello. The lighting in the afternoon is peaceful and inviting.

Can you hear the merry-making?

Donna Bella Lingerie opens downtown Corvallis

Donna Bella Lingerie launches new store in Corvallis, Oregon

Recently, Pam Van Londen has helped the new Donna Bella Lingerie store launch their grand opening and holiday ad campaigns. Donna Bella sells fine lingerie and comfortware. Their elegant shop will also host your next party in their lounge, and can help fit those hard to find sizes.

Sign up to become a Donna Bella Diva at their web site, and stop in at the new store 7 days per week. Find out more at DonnaBellaLingerie.com.

Owner, Susan McMahon as this to say about our services, ” I just love your work. It really make me look good!” Thank you, Donna Bella Lingerie.