Willamette River 31

© 2013 Pam Van Londen. Willamette River 31. $64 purchase with credit card or PayPal © 2013 Pam Van Londen. Willamette River 31. 8x10x1.5-inch oil on gallery-edged archival Claybord. No frame needed

My favorite summer past-time is sitting next to a river to paint. While waiting for a kid practicing soccer at the field next to the river, it is easy for me to get set up and just do it!

I’ve painted at this spot many times and never tire of its beauty. The colors reflecting in the water are bright and inviting.

Salsa 11

$64 © 2013 Pam Van Londen. Salsa 11. Oil on archival clayboard. Comes in black frame. SOLD © 2013 Pam Van Londen. Salsa 11. Oil on 8×8-inch archival Claybord. framed in black lacquered wood.

Colorful pepper paintings are back by popular demand! This eleventh painting depicts three sweet peppers on my favorite blue plate. This one is available at Etsy, Fine Art America (prints, too!), and Daily Paintworks. You can see it in person at the Mod Pod later this month.

Ball Bearings 4

© 2013 Pam Van Londen. Ball Bearings 4. 12x9-inch watercolor on archival paper. Comes unframed. $27 Purchase via Credit Card or PayPal © 2013 Pam Van Londen. Ball Bearings 4. 12×9-inch watercolor on archival paper. Comes unframed.

This fun and bright abstract watercolor was a joy to paint!

Park Trees 14

© 2013 Pam Van Londen. Park Trees 14. Watercolor on 12x9x.25 on archival paper. Comes unframed $27 Purchase via Credit Card or PayPal. © 2013 Pam Van Londen. Park Trees 14. Watercolor on 12x9x.25 on archival paper. Comes unframed

My granddaughter and I sat under a willow tree one hot day to paint. Then her little friend came by to paint as well. It was lovely and inspiring to paint with such young artists.

The iridescent colors are fun to share with others and add a bit of fantasy to the work. This one sparkles as you move across the viewing plane.

Daisies At The Fence

© 2013 Pam Van Londen. Daisies At The Fence. Acrylic on 12x12x.5 gallery-edged archival canvas. No need to frame. corvallis, flower field, sky, vivid, trees, red, blue, green, dark gree, white, pink, light blue, daily painting, portland, oregon, pam van londen SOLD © 2013 Pam Van Londen. Daisies At The Fence. Acrylic on 12x12x.5 gallery-edged archival canvas. No need to frame.

An old wooden fence and a field full of Shasta daisies is a common scene in Oregon in the summer.

Mary’s Peak 9

Mary's Peak 9. Acrylic on 12x12-inch Gallery-Edged Canvas $72 ~ Purchase via PayPal or credit card.
© 2013 Pam Van Londen. Mary’s Peak 9. Acrylic on 12×12-inch Gallery-Edged Canvas

I’ve been staring at this one on the wall for months trying to decide what to do. I added a bit of orange to the foreground and now I’m happy with it.

The iridescent paint shimmers in the light and even in low light it glows a bit.

Because the image is painted around the edges, it does not need a frame.

Sonnet about Brownie

Brownie turns Martin into butter.By Maya Van Londen


What is brown and white all over?
It’s funny when he stares at me from the door.
Brownie Boy…how he likes to run in clovers.
He likes to tap dance on the floor…sometimes he dances to the door!

When ever we leave he cry’s like a baby.
He has the cutest smile.
Sometimes he funny, but i think he’s crazy.
He run’s so fast he run’s a mile.

He’s sooooo soft.
He is very fuzzy.
I think he would sleep in a loft.
He like’s to cuddle.

He is lot’s of fun.
He like’s to run.

Rosa Parks

We honor Rosa’s braveness and her courage to change unjust laws. We will miss her even though I never met her. She is the mother of the Civil Rights Movement because she refused to be treated with disrespect.

Halloween Thriller Chiller

By Maya Van Londen November 2005

One night I was walking home alone. Suddenlty I heard footsteps behind me. I turned and…Ouch!! i tripped and fell.
Nefertiti tries to take Harry Potter's picture in a dark and dreary hotel room.The footsteps came closer and closer. I could see my breath. I felt dread. Then fingernails as heavy as lead and a cape as black as death touched my shoulder. All it said was, “I come from the dead.”

I felt sweat running down my head. “You; you come from…”
“Sure, you don’t believe me do you? I can tell by your face; I’m deaf.”
“Say, I am good!”
“What do you mean?”
“I meant I’m your brother!”
“Joey, you are good!”
“Thanks. Happy Halloween!”
And my brother and I tread home.

San Diego, CA

I am in San Diego, CA. Ther are lots of bay s and parks and spaces to roam and birds of all kinds. Seems like it’s just me and my mom here. There are lots of sounds like chattery little birds and fish jumpting out of the water catching bugs.
I love it here I really do!
We are at a beach with palm trees. it is really hot here; not like in Corvallis. We are lucky to be here today. We came here on our tandem bike from the RV park.
Mom is making a painting of the bay.


Today we went on a long and exhausting trip to Bellevue, Washington. It took about 95,000 hours (not!). Then when we finally got here we got to eat pizza, sit in the hottub and play in the pool. I made some new friends from Canada. They are also homeschooling. But the driving around part was pretty boring! (It rained, so we couldn’t see the mountains and both computers were out of battery). Whenever I step outside it seems to rain, so I should never step outside again; just kidding.


Martin and Maya mixing vinegar, universal indicator, and amonia to see how the pH balance changes.My Brother and Mom and I all went to OMSI. In OMSI there was a ball room which showed aerodynamics. We got to watch The Mistery of the Nile in the iMax theater; it’s a theater surrounding you on the ceiling and the walls in front of you and behind you. It was scary! In the chemistry lab, I got to do experiments like making chemical reactions (vinegar and amonia and a universal indicator, which changed colors) and gel beads. And I learned my lesson to always wear goggles! Because I squished a gel bead and the inside squirted my lens.

Doing schoolwork at Starbucks

I miss everybody at school. Life in the RV is great but I still which I could be back home. Please write back even if you are new at school, please write.

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I’m in Portland, parking the RV at my aunt and uncle’s house. We’re here because the RV is getting repaired.

I just did my homework at Starbucks. I did some math, history, English. It was all pretty fun. Now I’m going to play on my computer.